Hey everyone! Here is where you can contact me on any questions you have on your beloved feathered friend you can ask me about anything at all. All you have to do is go to the end of this blog and click comment! I'd love to hear from you!!
-Advise on your bird
-Request on a new page
-Biting questions
Feel free to ask, I may answer them through direct email, or I might put up a FAQ, I'm very likely to answer them on a youtube video, if I happen to do that I will email you the link and put it up here! Hope to hear from some of you soon!

If you would rather talk to me personally please do email me at myparrothelp@hotmail.com
4/4/2013 18:53:21

Hi there! Thanks for this website! My bird just won't take food from my fingers! I really want to do all the target training stuff but I can't get anywhere if my bird won't take treats from me!!

What do I do

4/4/2013 19:32:28

How do you get parrots to begin talking? Is there a certain age?

4/7/2013 21:26:54

Hey, thanks for commenting, I answered your question on youtube! Heres the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYE0pPti328

4/25/2013 23:18:37

Hey there, I have a sulfer crested cockatoo and he is not really tame. I can approach his cage and feed him through the bars without him freaking out but if I try feed him through his cage he will take the food and if I leave my hand there he will bite me hard! I mean HARD!! Like it draws blood! PLEASE reply! How do I stop him from biting??!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

4/25/2013 23:21:16

Hi! I've seen videos and such on peoples pet birds foraging for their food... my cockatiel does not know how to forage at all! How do I teach her how to begin foraging/hunting for her food. I would like to purchase foraging toys for her and I'm sure she would enjoy them if she knew how to forage in first place! Please reply

4/25/2013 23:23:37

I have been deciding to get a pet bird for a long time, that's okay I've passed your little 'should I get a bird' easily. I thinking very realistically about this. So I have been deciding on a conure or a rose breasted cockatoo. Which do you recommend?

5/5/2013 23:20:43

I apologize so much for not updating on this and posting answer videos! I've been so busy with homework and Bandit its almost impossible, other times I shooting in other videos. I promise though, I will answer all your questions soon! After I'm done with all my exams this week okay! :) Thanks so much for your questions!


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